What They Say

We’re hugely proud of who we’ve worked with. We’re especially proud of what they say about us, here are a few examples…


“The model is engaging, immediate… and counter-intuitive.”

Chief Executive, Local Authority


“This approach really makes us think – it does something really important at a time that is financially challenging.”

Chief Superintendent Sutcliffe, Greater Manchester police


“I’m quite blown away. You have helped bring out new ways of looking at all this stuff that I would not have got to on my own.”

Richard Crawley, Planning Advisory Service


“It has been great working with you. You got up to speed incredibly quickly and the team have been universally impressed with your input, commitment and enthusiasm!”

Director, WS Atkins UK


“Alasdair is one of those rare people who successfully combines intellectual rigour, emotional insight and old fashioned common sense to understand issues and deliver effective solutions, time and time again. He is easily one of the best consultants I have ever worked with and also one of the friendliest (and humorous) people I have met during my career.”

Guy Swindle, Head of Strategy and Communications, Oxfordshire County Council


“Alasdair has such a truly unique amalgamation of skills, experience, intellect and outlook. Without a doubt he is the best consultant I have ever met! … extremely hard to match in terms of time and other costs anywhere in the world with the output being backed by depth and breadth in terms of quality and detail.”

Illy Khatib, Former Director of Analytics for a Fortune 100 Healthcare provider


“Strategic thinker with a wealth of experience of Business Transformation in Local Government brings an intellectual challenge to the status quo and provides comprehensive analysis to enable informed decision making. A good communicator and great to work with.”

Heather Lumby, Improvement and Efficiency South East


“Thank you so much , particularly the approach you took to the visioning elements… even our biggest doubter was really impressed, really well done for pitching just right.”

Head of Service, Local Authority


“The difference is, you don’t just understand the numbers, you know how to apply them strategically.”

Ravi Rai, Director, Global business advisory company