Process Simulation


Risk free process improvement

Simulating your processes and services is the only way to ‘try before you buy’. Whether its working our where to deploy police officers for best effect or how to improve Planning Applications, by building a detailed model, you can make as many changes as you want ‘in the lab’ without risking reputation or service delivery. Our powerful models let you fine tune and test ideas and find which work best.

Engaging users

Process simulation is also at the heart of our philosophy of engagement. When people have the chance to test and prove their ideas and see them come to life on screen, confidence rises. The debate moves on from ‘will it work?’ to ‘when do we start?’

Unparalleled realism

Process simulation is far more realistic than spreadsheets can ever achieve. If the service has ‘busy mornings’, Process simulationtransactions that can sometimes be complex or time consuming and sometimes easier, or staff who have different levels of skill, experience or attendance then simulations are needed to capture the complexity. As soon as what happens in one part of the system influences another or the link between cost and performance needs to be assessed, then no Excel formulae exist that can give a sufficiently accurate way to understand the potential consequences.

“The model is engaging, immediate… and counter-intuitive.”

Chief Executive, Local Authority

Lean, 6-sigma, systems thinking…

Whatever your preferred approach to thinking about your processes, process simulation provides the way to test and refine ideas to see if they work as well in practice as they do in theory. We’re agnostic on process improvement methodologies, and are more interested in what works in specific situations.