Engagement and Consensus

The best plans in the world are nothing without engagement. That’s why it underpins everything that we do.

It all starts with getting really clear about what needs to be done.  We like to include everyone in this process because our experience shows it’s time well spent. Whether it’s customers, users, decision makers, staff, Elected Members or board members we work with them all to set the compass for where next.

Getting engagement is easy to say but harder to do. We have tried and tested simple workshops that start the job on the right footing.  Our computer simulations mean everyone can watch services, processes or transactions unfold and interactively make changes meaning that the solutions are genuinely co-created. Once the options are understood we like to use scientifically proven approaches that help decision makers come to a view by balancing the trade-offs between the costs and benefits of alternatives.Facilitated Decision Support

If needs be, our partners have some incredibly powerful technology that makes engagement of large groups effective and genuine. Groups from 20-200 people can all be heard and allowed to influence the debate.

“Thank you so much , particularly the approach you took to the visioning elements… even our biggest doubter was really impressed, really well done for pitching just right.

Head of Service, Local Authority.