Data Exploration and Data Visualisation

“Once upon a time a set of data was left languishing in a back room server waiting for its fairy godmother…”Data exploration

Sometimes data is the Cinderella of service efficiency. Maybe it gets its chance to show itself in a few reports from time to time but, lacking confidence, it becomes shy and quiet.

Well, we really love numbers, and by quietly coaxing the data to tell its stories, powerful and actionable insights quickly emerge. Our sensible data visualisation tools help create beautiful representations of the data making it clear and simple to see where the opportunities lie.

Sometimes we do some very clever things (like advanced forecasting or use powerful maths to find hidden patterns and clusters of customers). More often simpler data exploration in the right hands is more than enough to find compelling ways to improve cost effectiveness and service quality.

  • Data exploration – simple, clear and insightful visualisations of your data to pinpoint issues and opportunities
  • Data cleansing – often analysis is impeded because historically the names of suppliers or customers have not been recorded consistently. Our data cleansing software and data expertise rapidly resolves the problem by consolidating the list of names to where it should be
  • Forecasting – accurately predict future demands to allow for forward planning.