Business Case Training

High quality, evidence based decisions are central to all well conceived business cases. So as well as supporting some of the specialist, technical aspects we work with high quality training providers to equip managers and decision makers with the most up to date thinking and skills. We agree with the view that consultants should not write business cases, and the majority of the work should be done internally with only the specialist and technical issues supported with external expertise.

HM Treasury Better Business Cases

Through our partners at CIPFA we are very proud to work with public sector managers across the country delivering training on the Better Business Case approach. This is the ‘gold standard’ for business cases and is increasingly being used to drive better, evidence based decisions across the country. The exam based programme ensures that you have the practical and theoretical knowledge to make better decisions, while 1 day and 1/2 day summary versions¬†give the essential overview for senior managers and Members or those less involved in the writing of cases.

Shared Service Business Cases

Shared service business cases are very different to ‘standard’ internal business cases. We deliver the Shared Service Architects¬†business case programme ensuring that business cases reflect both the ‘art’ and the ‘science’ of collaborative working when trust and shared vision become key determiners of success.