Advanced Data science

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics is what we are best known for. Whether its uncovering new and deep insights hidden in the data or predicting future demand we have proven skills in making the difficult understandable. Actually, we’re pretty proud of much of what we’ve done in this area which is helping public sector bodies manage and predict demand in some of the most challenging areas such as domestic violence and tackling some of the most challenging issues in modern policing. We’ve even won awards for it! But much more importantly its about making a difference through explore 2


We believe that forecasting demand is half way to being able to manage it. This can be as simple as uncovering existing patterns but more often we will work in the detail of the data and use some of the best, modern tools that have yet been produced to predict when, where and how much demand is on its way.

“This is unquestionably the most significant development I’ve seen in my entire time in policing.”

Chief Constable, major UK police force