Business case development, data science and simulation modelling for engagement and evidence based decisions

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Understanding the data that drives improvment

Engagement and Consensus Building

Introducing Folio

Folio is our brand new software product for those that have more projects or work than budgets and resources. Take the politics and guesswork out of prioritising and sequencing portfolios of work through our evidence based solution that guarantees to arrange the projects to give the best possible results. For more information and to request details on pricing, our unique on-site support and introductory offer just drop us a... read more

Putting the evidence into policing domestic abuse

As most people know domestic abuse has an appalling and devastating impact on the lives of too many men, women and children. In response, we’ve been lucky enough to be asked to provide detailed problem profiles for some of the UK’s largest police forces and have been working away on this for the last two years. We can’t share too much about this for obvious reasons but suffice to say, it turns out that much of what we thought we knew about this terrible crime turns out to be wrong. Its a lot more complex and subtle than many of us feared and the emerging threats and trends are not what anyone would want to see. A series of academic papers describing some of this work will be published in the near(ish) future and we’ll be sure to post more details as soon as we are able to. We’re very sure this will be of substantial interest to those working in the field as its already winning awards for innovation. Meanwhile, its been an enormous privilege to be working with some incredible, dedicated public servants who are among the brightest and most inspiring people its been our joy to work with.  More importantly we are absolutely sure that this work has already saved substantial distress, fear, injury and even lives among those impacted by domestic abuse. It also happens to be saving police large amounts of resources, (which is very nice but somehow does that really feel like it’s the... read more