Business case development, data science and simulation modelling for engagement and evidence based decisions

Building the business case

Decision making

Detailed process simulation

Understanding the data that drives improvment

Engagement and Consensus Building

Introducing FastTrack

FastTrack analysis for rapid insights and clarity.Things are difficult just now – it doesn’t take an award winning analytics company to tell you that! More than ever our clients are saying they need a quick ‘boost’ to their analysis capacity to assess and understand trends, hotspots and what needs to be done. Whether this is directly related to Covid19 or the knock on effects, data insights and clear presentation of what the data says is more important than ever. As a leading company in the area with a sound track record we understand this so are pleased to introduce our new FastTrack analysis service. Short, quick, high quality and insightful, FastTrack is there for you when you need answers to support decision making, review and planning. With costs from £500 and industry beating hourly rates FastTrack insights will help get services back on track.... read more

Introducing Folio

Folio is our brand new software product for those that have more projects or work than budgets and resources. Take the politics and guesswork out of prioritising and sequencing portfolios of work through our evidence based solution that guarantees to arrange the projects to give the best possible results. For more information and to request details on pricing, our unique on-site support and introductory offer just drop us a... read more